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The mission to reach those who don’t know Jesus is best accomplished on our knees.  When you join the International Day for the Unreached as an Advocate, you’ll receive access to a broad variety of resources that will help you share the story — and the plight — of unreached peoples. These exclusive resources include downloadable sermon guides, fact sheets, Facebook and Instagram posts, PLUS you’ll receive prayer-focused emails with stories of encouragement and prayer requests from each of the ministries of the Alliance for the Unreached.

In this broadcast, you’ll learn specific ways to pray that Jesus be made known among all people.  And you’ll engage with each of the ministries sponsoring the International Day for the Unreached with ways to get involved.

The International Day for the Unreached was May 20, 2018. Watch the broadcast replay and prepare for IDU 2019.

The purpose for the International Day for the Unreached is to educate, inspire and motivate believers in North America to take a stand on behalf of those who have yet to hear the Good News. Lets do what God has equipped us to do to make sure everyone has a chance to meet Jesus.

With more than 2 billion people who haven’t had a chance to meet Jesus, it’s time … to take a radical stand and say ‘This has to end in our generation.
—Rick Warren, pastor and author

Watch the replay of this special broadcast.  It will help you become engaged in the most important work we have today — introducing these people to the transforming love of Jesus Christ!


Special Guests
Image of Phil Stacey
Phil Stacey

Christian recording artist and former American Idol finalist

Ruth Kramer
Ruth Kramer

Producer and Host of Mission Network News

Wayne Pederson
Wayne Pederson

Executive Director, International Day for the Unreached

Ministry leaders including Larry Andrews, Jon Fugler, Dave Meyers, Greg Parsons, John Pudaite, Geoff Peters, Bram Floria and Greg Parsons.