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Ep 105: Aim for Tough Places

Posted on August 19, 2022

We aren’t called to just reach those who are easy to reach. We are commanded to reach those in impossible-to-reach places.

Join Greg Kelley as he interviews Matt from an exciting ministry called Frontiers.

Frontier exists because of the mass amount of unreached people groups worldwide, and they have a very specific focus.

Did you know that almost a quarter of the people on the planet are Muslim? That’s about one point nine billion people. And nine out of ten have never met a faithful follower of Jesus.

Everyone deserves to hear the saving message of Jesus Christ. This unique ministry recruits, trains leaders, and sends teams of workers to live in Muslim communities to bring Christ’s message to those who have never heard it.

Matt will give practical ways to be able to get involved! Make sure to listen.


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