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Ep: 12 God’s Word to the World

Posted on May 21, 2019

Travel with us to India for this episode, a country with over 450 unreached people groups. Our guest has a unique God story to tell you.

John Pudaite’s family roots are from a people group in Northeast Asia that just 100 years ago had been unreached with the Gospel. Today, 100% of that people group has been evangelized.

John is the president of Bibles For The World. You’ll hear how  his ancestors came to know Christ and how his father was called to bring the Bible to his own people in India. The ministry has grown tremendously since then. Today, Bibles For The World has brought the Word to 123 countries.

 Is it really possible to bring the Gospel to every unreached people group in the world? John shares a perspective that will give you hope.


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