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Ep 34: Reaching the Hardest to Reach

Posted on January 29, 2020

This week on the Gateway to the Unreached podcast Greg Kelley interviews Chuck, the Executive Director of Café 1040, a new member of the Alliance for the Unreached.

Café 1040 exists to mobilize next generation missionaries to minister and live among unreached people groups. 

With a vast knowledge of unreached people groups Chuck poses the question of: “How are we doing when it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission?”

Learn the answer by listening to the podcast!

This week, Greg Kelley interviews Matt Beemer from Club1040, a man who has dedicated 25 years of his life serving God on the mission field.

Hear Matt’s inspiring story of how God not only called him to the mission field, but called him to go to hard-to-reach places where most other missionaries wouldn’t go.

Greg and Matt also discuss the difference between a country and a people group and why it’s critical to know.


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